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About Enrollment
  1. Connect to Growl
  2. Enter your student identification number
  3. Enter your Permanent Personal Identification Number (PERMPIN)
  4. Enter your birth date
  5. Holds
  6. If you have outstanding holds that you need to address before registering, a box requiring your attention will appear on the main page of Growl when you log on. If these holds are Registration holds, you MUST satisfy the requirement and the designated department MUST remove the hold from your account before you can continue to register.

    A full description of your Holds can be found by clicking on "Holds" at the bottom of the left navigation within Growl.

  7. Choose Advising/Enrollment
  8. Choose the quarter you want to enroll in. View any Registration Information material that appears.

    Your academic department will communicate with you directly within Growl regarding any requirements to be completed before your enrollment appointment. Common advising requirements include 1. Scheduling an appointment with your student affairs or faculty advisor, 2. Submitting a course plan for the selected term, or 3. Providing your advisor with a statement about your plans or personal goals for the quarter.

  9. Enrolling for/adding a class
  10. You may need to meet requirements for prerequisites or restrictions. Some courses may be cross-listed.

    As you plan and complete your registration, note the following codes are used for the days of the week the course will be in session, (M) Monday, (T) Tuesday, (W) Wednesday, (R) Thursday, (F) Friday and (S) Saturday. (For example, TR means the course will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

    Enter the class call number in one of the "add" sections of the action menu. If a discussion or laboratory section is required for enrollment in the desired course (a co-requisite course), enter the call number for it as well, on a separate "add" line. Course status will show "Enrolled."

    ** Remember - if a discussion or laboratory co-requisite course is required you must enroll in the course at the same time you enroll in the lecture.

    If the class has variable units, you will be presented with a box showing the minimum number of units available. Choose the units.

    Press "OK" now or after you have completed all enrollment activity.

    Be sure to plan for alternate sections and/or alternate courses before you begin your enrollment session, as you will be disconnected from the Web after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  11. Dropping a class

    Select "drop" from the action menu for that class. You must also drop associated laboratory or discussion sections when you drop a lecture section. Press "OK." Course status will show "Dropped."

  12. Changing only a discussion or laboratory section

    To change a discussion or laboratory section of a course, select "change sec" from the action menu. Press "OK." You will be presented with a list of open sections. On that list, you may choose to select one of the sections or keep the section in which you are already enrolled. Press "OK."

  13. Adding a Waitlist section

    If you are enrolled in a laboratory or discussion section you may waitlist for one other section that is full. After you have completed your enrollment in the first section, return to the enrollment menu and enter the call number for the section you want to waitlist, choose "waitlist" from the action menu, and submit your request. Your course confirmation will reflect enrollment in the first section and waitlist status in the second.

  14. Dropping a Waitlist section

    If you change your mind about a waitlisted section, you must drop yourself from the list for that section. Otherwise, you will be placed in the waitlisted section if space is available.

  15. Confirm enrollment

    Check "Classes" before exiting.

  16. Exit Growl

  17. Quit your Web browser

  18. For security reasons, students should clear their browser's cache and quit their Web browser after exiting the Growl enrollment session. See following security precautions.


Growl includes security elements to safeguard your personal information. However, you should also take certain precautions to make sure no one else can access your records.

  1. Keep your PERMPIN confidential. The PERMPIN is required to access your records.
  2. Set the cache (data that a Web browser records on a computer's hard disk to speed its display of information) of your Web browser to zero, so your information is not retained in the computer's memory, where it could be viewed by another user. Check your browser's preferences for information on how to set the cache to zero.
  3. If you did not set your cache to zero, be sure to clear (empty) the cache before you exit Growl. Check your browser's preferences for information on how to clear the cache.
  4. Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in. Someone could access your records while you are away from the computer.
  5. Remember to exit the system when you are done by clicking on "Exit."